Website Copywriters Rates in the UK for your business

Below details will help you understand the market rates or cost of Professional content writers for your Business.  

Most successful Brands and businesses use content marketing to get leads or sales. It also helps them to get organic traffic. 

Professional Copywriting can be very expensive, as it’s hard to come up with the best message and content to convert a user into a customer. It might seem expensive but in long term ROI it can make a huge difference and cover the cost. 

The amount of time and effort to produce the result defines the cost for content writing. Experienced copywriters might even cost more as they understand your brand better and come up with the best message possible. 

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a professional way of creating content intended to influence your visitor into supporting your cause, your end goal or even buying your product or service. So in Short it’s a way to convert a visitor into a customer. 

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter will improve or create your business’s message towards new and existing customers. Target audience will be the main focus while creating the content. 

What is the average rate for hiring a copywriter?

A typical day rate for an experienced copywriter is around £400£500 and hourly rate is around £50£75. Can be less or more depending on the Experience.

Each copywriter will price differently. 

How does a copywriter work out how much to charge?

A professional copywriter will estimate the time, effort and difficulty of getting the content written up for your business.

So they might ask you questions about what you wish to achieve and then come up with a content plan. 

Below are the points which defines the price

  • Whether the brief is clear
  • The complexity of the job.
  • The duration of the project.
  • How urgent the work is.

What is the typical freelance writing rate for a business?

The rate of a professional freelance writer is the same as hiring an experienced copywriter.

  • Day rate: £400 £500
  • Hourly rate: £50£75

Ongoing or long term work can lead to lower prices. As freelancers need to cover the cost divided by average projects they get each month. So if you hire them for a month they are happy to lower the cost.

Do freelance writers charge per word?

It totally depended on the person or company

We ask for a rough word count, but we’ll write as much as their needs to be to convey the right message. Writing to hit a word count is not our style.

In reality content should not be limited to word count as it can be more or less depending on how much word count is really needed to convey your business message.

Some people still work on word count or some businesses look for people on word count biases and it costs around £0.50p per word. But it’s not recommended as people who work on word count basis are not experienced and usually deliver cheap work. Fiverr is the main platform for these people.

Cost for website pages:

Every Content writer will price it differently; usually by days or by page considering several factors for your business website content.

For larger writing projects a content writer may calculate how many days it requires to plan, produce and edit the content. The day rate can be anything from £400£500

For smaller projects, the price can be per page – ranging from £100£200 per page on your business website.

Factors affecting the cost of your business website content:

  • Research
  • Interviews – with you or your staff
  • Number of pages to write
  • Difficulty of the topic
  • Tight deadlines

How much would an SEO landing page cost?

On Average it takes about 2 -6 hours to create content for a single SEO landing Page depending on the content length. As it will be completed from an Search Engine Optimisation perspective.

SEO research also takes about 1 hour and a 1000 word piece of content takes around 3 hours.

It would be more cost effective to agree to a search marketing /  ongoing SEO package that includes SEO landing page writing as already mentioned above it costs lower when large projects or long term contracts are set.

You may pay anything from £500£2,500+ per month for business SEO  including  the SEO landing page. Plus points

  • You’ll have ongoing support
  • Keyword tracking
  • Keyword research
  • content optimisation
  • meta optimisation and more.

How much does a blog cost for a business?

For a fully researched, search optimised and professionally written blog post, you can expect to pay around £120£250 for a blog writer to produce a blog.

The hourly rate  for them is the same as an experienced copywriter £50+. However, if you’re to agree to a long term blog writing agreement then they may provide a lower cost..

The average blog post takes 3.5 hours to write with word count between 1,000 to 1,500 depending on speed..

Blogging is a key part to every successful digital marketing strategy. 

How much should a product page cost to write?

Whether you need an Ecommerce website category or product page written up, they can be very cost effective.

On Average it costs between  £50 – £80 depending on how much information you provide to the writer and how long the content is.

Product and category pages vary in length and research

  • A short description might need thirty minutes of a writer’s time, which would be £25.
  • Long description with a lot of details, which requires research and discussions with the manufacturer, say this required three hours, equalling £150.

The cost got a UX copywriter

UX copywriter is a specialist for websites and other digital products like mobile apps.

£75 per hour or £600+ per day are the average rates for UX copywriters and usually they are freelancers or contractors. 

Content creation for this type of copywriting is totally different from normal one, as in this case word count is less important vs the representation of content for target audience. 

CRO copywriting Cost

Promoting a conversion action by content writing is  called CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation).

CRO copywriting costs about £50 £75 per hour or starting from £100 per page.

Paid ads or PPC content cost

PPC ad copywriting, 

  • A freelance copywriter with PPC marketing experience will charge around £50 per ad.

Google My Business post Cost

If local customers are important for your business, then hire an expert content writer who has knowledge  of local SEO. Who can also optimise your Google My Business posts. A freelance copywriter will charge around £30£70 per post, depending on the length of your posts.