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website for business

We are living in the age of emerging technology where we can start business very easily on the internet and reach maximum clients locally or all over the world. If we are still doing business in the traditional way that can’t reach our maximum potential, we are losing a lot. This article will help you understand the importance of the website for business and the cost to build the website.

Is Website is important for a UK business

Yes, today Website is very important for any business in the UK or the rest of the world. A number of companies in the UK run their business in traditional ways or simply provide services in their physical shops under the form of brick. On the other hand, a number of companies understood the importance of promoting their services, products or activities online. To maintain their online presence many companies have decided to develop their own website. In order to increase their visibility as compared to competitors is the major reason to develop their own website.

A strong online presence, particularly a website can increase your ability to generate additional revenue. The quality of your website has an impact on your results, but the main point of this article is to emphasise the importance of having a website for a uk business.

Suppose someone knows your business and that person is busy so they will search for your business on the internet but as you do not have the website so someone else might win your client.

Top 10 benefits for having a website for your business In UK

Website makes your business look professional

People may doubt your legitimacy as a company if you don’t have a website. Having a website allows you to make a great first impression and make your customers feel comfortable that you’re a real company.

84% of today’s consumers believe that having a website establishes your company’s credibility over those who only have social media profiles. Your website is also an excellent place to display any professional certifications or awards that your company has received.

Business or Brand awareness through website

Showing your brand to potential clients is one of the most crucial things you can do. Customers are more inclined to buy from you if they identify who you are, what you stand for, and what you represent. This may also help you stand out from the crowd. Without a website, it’s impossible to provide excellent and trustworthy information about your Business.

Website makes your online presence

If you are running a physical business and have some social media profiles that are not enough. You should create your own website. That makes your real online presence instead of a third party platform profile. By creating your own website you can optimize your site for local customers with the help of SEO. Your Business can be found easily on the internet. It not only helps local business presence but also all over the world if you want international business.

Website can attract new and more clients

You must attract new customers to ensure continued success and growth. One of the best ways to do so is by increasing your visibility on Google. Google indexes social media pages and posts, but having a website gives you access to many more tools. With the right SEO strategy you can appear on Google’s front page and cross all  the businesses who just have social media pages.

Present your products or services on Website

By having a website, you can show what you offer and if done correctly it can lead to more leads and sales. You can also use your website to post important information about your products and services to ensure that you’re attracting the right customers. 

Show your client’s reviews and work done by you

You can showcase your client’s work done by you in the past. This makes the client comfortable to place orders or contact you. In today’s time, customers or viewers look for old reviews given by clients to predict how good you are at what you offer.

For example: provides website development services and to showcase their service they have displayed their clients with client’s websites. This gives new customers the confidence to invest in them.

Website can encourage people to contact

Having your contact details on your website can increase your leads by a lot. People usually search for something but are not sure about the price or information and if you provide the best information or quotation when they contact you, you have a new customer.

Website can help customer understand or review your products

If you have a website, then people can search about you and your services before contacting you or coming to your shop. This saves time for both customers and you as the customer who contacts or visits through your website is almost interested in the business as they are already aware of what you offer.

Updates and Announcement

Website is the right place where you can update your customers about upcoming events, products or services you offer. As you have full control over the website so you can decide what to show and when to.

Business website can help collection emails

On your website you can display a newsletter subscription area where people who are interested in your business leave their emails. So with those collected emails you can send out daily, weekly or monthly newsletter emails with the services or products you offer.

Who can develop and design website for you in UK

There are four options when it comes to this question. Depending on your requirement and budget you can choose the right option. Digital agency, In house team, freelancer or yourself are the options available these days.

Web design and development agency

Agencies are usually the best option for enterprise and medium sized businesses, as they have big projects which need professional and experienced developers. Big companies do not want a single developer because if they leave or get sick they might take the whole company’s website down. Small or startup businesses also consider digital agencies if they have the budget and are looking for something special or professional. 

  • Web designers and developers are professionals.
  • They have seen all the common issues as they worked with many other businesses.
  • Agency will have the best software and resources to build a professional website.
  • Good UX agency can design your website a lot better, which converts more customers than normal or common websites.
  • Usually digital agencies offer different services so you do not have to deal with different developers of your own.
  • End result is a good website.

Recommendation: Choose this option if your website project is big or needs professional and budget is not an issue.

In House team:

In house teams are usually developers or team members hired by the company itself. This is a good option if you need someone on a full time basis and you know you will need them for a really long time. Businesses usually go this route when they have continued work of their own and it’s usually called IT Departments. 

Recommandation:  This option is not good for startup and small sized businesses as you only need a one time website, so hiring someone on a permanent basis might cost you more then other options.

Hiring a freelancer for website:

Freelancers are people who work on a project or per hour basis. Hiring freelancers is the best option for almost all types of business depending on the requirements. Freelancer web developers can build a full website but they might be booked by someone else and you end up losing time. There are most chances the website will not be professional as freelancers have not worked with big teams and companies in the past so choose your freelancer wisely. 


Nowadays there are many websites which allow you to easily get a website designed and live at a really cheap price. Wix and are the top picks for content based websites and Shopify for ecommerce. 

If you do not have a big budget and still need a website then you can try these website providers. The only issue is when you want to scale you do not have more power over the website.

How much it cost to get a website Build for Business In UK

The cost of your website will be determined by the type of site you desire as well as the quantity of features you require. To give you an idea of how much you’ll need to pay, we’ve included the average prices of hiring a web designer for various websites below…

The average price of website development is from £200 to £10000. Actually It all depends on the size of your project, which means what kind of website you want to build. Before determining the price of your project you should know two major things: one is the size of your project and other one is the type of service you want to choose. 

Type of websiteFeaturesDesigner cost
Basic (portfolio)Single page Website£500 – £1000
Small business5 pages websiteSocial media integration‘Google my Business’ page£1000 – £5,000
EcommerceHome page category and product pages
Ecommerce toolsOrder management systemDelivery tracking functionalityLive chat
£5,000 –£25,000

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